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“I am beyond thrilled with the distribution services from NCMG. The efficiency and reliability they offer are exactly what an artist needs in today’s fast-paced music industry. My songs are reaching audiences I never dreamed of, thanks to their strategic approach. The support from the label has been incredible, making my journey as an artist all the more exciting. Grateful to be a part of the North Coast family!”

Anni Loc

“I signed with NCMG early this year at a time when I had just finished high school and needed direction in the music industry. I knew that my talent could open doors for me financially and in other areas of my life. However, I had no idea how to navigate the business side of it all and the technical aspects until I signed with NCMG. They made my wildest dreams feel attainable; they are no longer just dreams but goals that I can work towards, knowing I have a team behind me.”





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