What services does North Coast Music Group’s distribution platform offer to artists?

North Coast Music Group’s distribution platform provides a comprehensive range of services to artists. We offer worldwide digital distribution to major online stores and streaming platforms, ensuring your music reaches a global audience. Our platform also facilitates royalty collection and reporting, allowing artists to track and receive earnings efficiently.

How does NCMG support artists in the sync licensing process?

North Coast Music Group specializes in sync licensing, helping artists showcase their work in various media productions, including film, TV, commercials, and more. We actively pitch our artists’ music to industry professionals and work to secure placements that enhance visibility and revenue opportunities.

Can independent artists sign up for distribution with NCMG, or is it exclusive to signed acts?

Our distribution services are open to both independent and signed artists. We believe in supporting the diverse talents within the music industry, providing a platform for emerging artists to share their work alongside established acts.

How does NCMG handle royalty payments for artists?

North Coast Music Group is committed to transparent and timely royalty payments. We use reliable systems to track streams, downloads, and other revenue-generating activities. Artists can expect regular, detailed reports and prompt payment distribution.

Does NCMG offer marketing and promotional support for distributed music?

Yes, beyond distribution, NCMG provides PR and marketing services to boost the visibility of our artists. From press campaigns to social media strategies, we work collaboratively with artists to create effective promotional plans tailored to their unique style and goals.

How can artists submit their music for consideration by NCMG’s distribution and sync licensing services?

Artists can submit their music for consideration through our online submission portal below. We encourage artists from all genres to share their work with us, and our team reviews submissions regularly.

What distinguishes NCMG from other label distributors in the industry?

North Coast Music Group stands out through our commitment to artist development, a personalized approach to distribution, and a focus on building lasting relationships. We prioritize the unique needs and aspirations of each artist, working together to achieve their musical goals.

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